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 About Vision Textiles  

Welcome to Vision Textiles inc.
See the latest trends for designer curtains and accessories. Check our products, enjoy your experience to find your ideal model, and discover the difference!

Vision Textiles inc. ("Vision Textiles") is a Canadian based textile importing company with headquarters located in St-Lambert on the south shore of the island of Montreal.

Vision Textiles employs fashion designers with the only task to drive new styles to market in order, not only to meet the current fashions, but to start new ones. Combining classic and contemporary styles, Vision textiles offers a wide range of models with diversified patterns. We are sparing no efforts to meet the demand of diverse demographics.

At Vision Textiles, we strive to give our customers the best quality with unique designs and textiles that cannot be found elsewhere. Our primary objective is not only to satisfy our customers, but to enhance their living experience at home.

If you have any questions, Vision Textiles would be glad to receive any comments or questions and will reply as soon as possible

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